Iron World Tour San Antonio Part 1: Metroflex San Marcos


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We are on the road again with the crew visiting no BS gyms, eating and catching up on some great Texas history.

This first stop and what you will see here in this video is Metroflex San Marcos with Shaun Clarida, Hunter Labrada, Liv Roth, Guy Cisternino, Branch Warren, Jason Hebert, Austin Karr, Christina Heath and Kris Zizzo.
Metroflex San Marcos delivered on the atmosphere that is as expected with Metroflex. Garage doors, no AC, plenty of free weights and people training with a purpose.

"People come here because they love to train. You dont have to be the most massive person to be hardcore. People dont come here to workout, they come here to train! Hardcore doesn't have to mean being massive or super strong. Hardcore is about your mentality and how you train."

Branch explains that "the work never ends. You're never done." Work is always a part of life. Branch Warren further explains living out of your comfort zone and putting yourself with people who are better than you in some way in order to grow.

"When you're a skinny 17 year old kid (or a newbie to the gym) hell yea I was super excited but intimidated at the same time. I overcame that fear and put myself with those bigger better dudes and eventually got bigger and stronger."

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